February 29, 2008

Budget 2008: India's position on health parameters unsatisfactory: Survey

India's position on health parameters compared to even to some of its neighbouring countries, including China and Sri Lanka, continues to be unsatisfactory, the Economic Survey said on Thursday.

"While India has improved with respect to some important health indicators over the years, it compares poorly with countries like China and Sri Lanka," the survey for 2007-08, which was tabled in the Parliament said.

India's position on health parameters compared even to some of its neighbours continues to be unsatisfactory, it said adding the health sector in the country compares poorly with neighbours like China and Sri Lanka.

There have been some improvement in the quality of health over the years but wide inter-state, male-female and rural-urban disparities in outcomes and impacts continue to persist, it said.

While population stabilisation is in the concurrent list, health is a state subject. The reproductive and child health services reach community and household levels through the primary health care infrastructure.

"Inadequacies in the existing health infrastructure have led to gaps in coverage and outreach services in rural areas," the survey said.

Citing the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) as a success story, it said the programme's aim was to provide accessible, affordable and accountable quality health care services to the poorest households in the remotest rural households.

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