October 01, 2007

TamilNadu MGR Medical University will conduct job fairs

Tamil Nadu MGR Medical University is planning to organise job fairs for students passing out of its affiliated colleges, Vice-Chancellor Meer Mustafa Hussain has said.

The idea emerged at a meeting of the first students’ union of the university held on Thursday.

While some colleges were organising campus placements, the students felt that they would gain from a similar arrangement. The suggestion was to conduct a job fair with the participation of employers from several medical specialities, nursing and pharmaceutical concerns.

“We decided to act on it immediately because it seemed a good idea. There is rich potential with foreign universities and employers who want to hire researchers, doctors, nurses and pharmacologists,” he said.

“These institutions and companies are more likely to respond to the invitation of a university rather than to a college,” Dr. Hussain said.

One student from each affiliated college had been chosen to represent its interests in the newly formed union which, he said, was aimed at opening up a channel for interaction between students and the university on academic and administrative matters.

For the first time since its inception, the university has applied for grants from the University Grants Commission.

Hitherto it could not apply for want of the requisite staff strength. However, that situation was rectified.

Under the Medical Tamil project, the textbooks for Anatomy, Physiology and Bio-Chemistry would be ready by December-end.

This would be followed by training for professors in teaching the subjects in Tamil. Professors were also working on standardising the vocabulary, he said.

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