October 29, 2007

Medical science park planned near Chennai

Frontier Lifeline Hospitals plans to set up a Rs.500-crore medical science park at Elavoor in Tiruvallur district by the end of 2008.

Hospital chairman and CEO K. M. Cherian told a press conference on Thursday that the ‘Frontier Mediville,’ to be established on 1,00,000 sq ft, would focus on clinical studies in human and animal tissue, besides undertaking research and training.

Frontier Lifeline and SASTRA University in Thanjavur formalised a Memorandum of Understanding to develop clinical applications for basic research initiatives.

The agreement was signed by vice-chancellor R. Sethuraman and Dr. Cherian.

The Centre for Nanotechnology and Advanced Bio Materials at SASTRA University specialises in polymer synthesis and covers tissue engineering, nano-biosciences and photovoltaics. “The synergy of clinical research and the ongoing work on nano-scaffolds at the university has the potential to evolve commercially viable medical products,” dean S. Swaminathan said.

Sanjay Cherian, director, Frontier Lifeline, said the collaboration would help the research stay focussed on patient benefit and troubleshoot hitches that surfaced along the way.

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