May 01, 2007

Doctors hone skill in simulated surgery on pig organs at AIIMS

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) here is conducting mock surgeries on pig organs to achieve perfection in minimal invasive procedures on humans.

After gaining the expertise from the University of Tuebingen in Germany, the doctors at the top medical research facility of the country are collecting body parts of pigs from slaughterhouses in the national capital for surgical procedures.

"We have begun a new concept in training for minimal invasive surgeries," said M.C. Mishra, head of the department of surgery at AIIMS. "We collect organs like liver, mesentery and gall bladder, from slaughter houses for practice," Mishra told IANS.

The new concept will help them conduct precision operations for breast problems, thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal diseases, as also for laparoscopic procedures of hernia, spleen and common bile duct stones, he explained.

"The unique concept in training is on simulated models so that doctors achieve perfection before touching a human being. The concept is similar to pilots getting trained on stimulators before entering cockpits for actual flights."

Mishra said they have set up five stations in a special lab in their department and at least two doctors are practising on one station for nearly nine hours a day.

"We can't take chance with human bodies so this programme is giving us immense benefits," he said, adding they were getting hands-on skill, in-depth perception of organs, effective use of instruments and a feel of actual human organs.

"The suturing process is very important. You cannot take risks here. In simulation, we are honing the intra-corporeal suturing skills thorough this."

Professors at the department said they were also training doctors from other hospitals in the country.

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Tanmay said...


This is a nice effort with utmost utilisation of resources.

The organs which are usuallly thrown & create a problems, could be well utilised for medical research purpose.

Thanks to Prahalathan for posting this informative material.

Tanmay Agarwal
(Aficionado of Homoeopathy)



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