March 12, 2007

Self-propelled medical trains to come to rescue

The medical train used by Railways to cater to those injured in rail accidents will soon be upgraded. To reduce the time taken for this train to reach the place of accident, Railways is planning to introduce self-propelled trains.

“In a self-propelled train, there is no need to attach the engine to the coaches. After intimation about any mishap is made through a hooter, the engine is attached to the coach and this is a time-consuming process,” said a doctor from Railways Hospital Unit, adding, “But in this train, a driver can come and simply start and take the train to the spot.”

At the moment, this train has a well-equipped operation theatre with surgical equipment, emergency medicines and arrangement of light for electricity supply. There is one bogey in th medical train that has around ten berths or beds for patients, blankets and bedsheets. Tents are also available in these trains in case of emergency and if required, the doctors can set-up a mini hospital.

Around 20 coffins have been provided in these trains. The health care unit at the station has a staff of 25 doctors.

The generators have been provided so that there is no inconvenience and surgeries and treatments are carried out smoothly, the train also has a mini-kitchen to look after the needs of doctors.

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