March 29, 2007

Medical records of patients at the click of a button now in New Delhi

With the Municipal Corporation of Delhi ready to unveil its ambitious computerisation project interlinking some of its major hospitals, medical records of patients will now be available at the click of a button.

The Wipro HealthCare IT Limited and United Nations Children's Fund (UNCIEF)-assisted programme will make redundant bulky record-keeping, asking critically ill patients brought to the hospital for medical history and trying to track the exact treatment plan prescribed to patients.

"This is an ambitious project and under the programme we are interlinking our six major hospitals and healthcare institutes. Work started on the plan a couple of years ago and now we are ready to finally put the programme to use.

Under the programme, each patient will be issued a unique registration number and information will be added to his electronic folder. The information can be accessed at any of the interconnected hospitals by any treating doctor,'' said an MCD Health Department official.

The UNCIEF assistance is aimed at linking up birth records with immunisation records of children registered with the Capital's medical centres.

"The programme has connected Swami Dayanand, Infectious Diseases and Kasturba Gandhi hospitals among others. The programme is aimed at facilitating better and prompt treatment. We have already tested the programme and are now training 300 to 400 medical personnel to punch in and retrieve information as and when required. The project will also help researchers collect accurate health data that will act as a base for any further plans and projects proposed for the Capital,'' said MCD Chief Medical Officer (Health Informatics) R.C. Patnaik.

"To ensure that the programme runs smoothly, a nodal officer will be appointed in each hospital and training will be provided to persons who will have to use the programme. Computerisation of the hospitals will make work more streamlined and will benefit both the care providers and consumers."

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